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The Philosophy and Practices of the Society of the Faith Master

The Society of the Faith Master is our optional non-secular gratitude outreach. Gratitude is the Survival Lightkey for us all, empowerment for all, whether you have a religious belief or do not have any such beliefs. All are acceptable in the gratitude immersion world we are building, with those who are willing to live their lives with gratitude.

This society is for those who seek the religious dimension of faith and gratitude. We have a strong dogma or code of belief in the inherent goodness of our species and its future as spiritual beings. Our society is designed to be a high energy place, a happy place, based on building self-esteem, gratitude, praise and faith.

The purpose of our worship services and classes is to enhance the quality of life of our members and to help our members develop community, structure, meaning and a superordinate goal. That means helping our members develop faith, building their self-esteem, teaching them how to use the Gratitude Law of Attraction, and giving them the other teachings of the society such as communication skills, entrepreneurial skills and others.

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The Spiritual Path of Gratitude Healing

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The International Gratitude Empowerment Institute (IGEI) is a social enterprise, a teaching organization. Read more about IGEI and our teaching philosophy. Find out Why IGEI Gratitude is important to you

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What is a social enterprise?

Business Mantra - Always Be Grateful

We are blessed with riches not to make ourselves superior but  to gain the resources  to enrich & heal others.

Noble Mama Carol

Welcome Rainbows To Your Great Destiny
The Spiritual Path of Gratitude Healing
Appreciation & Recognition Build Businesses, Increase
Self Esteem and Create Positive Complete Transactions
There are These Paths to The Empowerment of Gratitude

Anyone Who Performs Any Act On Your Behalf Deserves the Personal Profit Differential of Gratitude. When You Learn Any Skill Or Technology Without Learning Gratitude Skills You Insure Failure In Your Interpersonal Communication. Learning The Language of Gratitude Is A Key Part Of Our Gratitude Business Model Training.

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The Spiritual Path of Gratitude Healing

First of all I'll tell you what I don't do, and that is the diagnosis or treatment of mental or physical illnesses. For that I must refer you to a licensed health or mental health care practitioner. Please read my disclaimer. Using the combined knowledge of the ancient shamans of my ancestry, New Age and New Thought esoteric teachings, metaphysics, and the gratitude key of Empowerment, I can help you to uncover your inner spiritual master through walking with me on the Spiritual Path of Gratitude Healing to free and release your true self into your potentiated high self esteem self. Your inner spiritual master is you as you will be when you have mastered the Rainbow Healing Stages of the Path. That's what I do, and I invite you to walk with me.

We are all seeking to reach our ultimate potential. There are so many paths we can take. Some do it through martial arts. Others do it through meditation, chanting, rituals, fasting, even self mutilation. Some will choose to walk away from the world, go to some secret place, whether a mountain top or an unpopulated island. Others choose to go to Alaska and places where there is little population to find themselves. All are good depending on the person who is seeking. There is a path for all.

The Path You Choose Depends Upon Your Inner Makeup and Your Goals

If you are only interested in your own personal growth, you may choose one of the paths that lead you to spend much time alone. That is a good path for many. Others may choose a path that involves physical as well as spiritual discipline such as martial arts. It all depends upon who you are inside and where you want to go.

If You Have Family, Friends, A Community, A Workplace, a society or any Lifestyle That Mandates You to Interact with Others You Will Need a Path That Includes Positive Ways of Interacting With Others in Your World.

There are many people who are troubled and just don't feel right about their lives. They often feel like they are throwing away their lives, not reaching their potential, not finding the friendships they deserve and need, not developing meaningful love relationships, having poor success in school, work and life, not being able to speak up and stand up for their rights, throwing away their lives on drugs and alcohol, spending hours in meaningless TV watching, playing video games, throwing away the tremendous powers they have been given, all because they do not believe in themselves... because they have low self esteem... they don't get the promotions they deserve... they don't move up the ladder... they don't have the kind of success they have the capabilities to have... they don't create the kind of potentiated life they want... and they suffer day and night with a deep inner sense of unhappiness and emptiness.

Welcome Rainbows

We call our path the Spiritual Path of Gratitude Healing. Those who walk that path are called Rainbows. There are coaches who call the people they coach their clients, I used to work with clients when I was a caseworker with the Cook County Dept. of Welfare. You are not a client. You are a special person who is seeking a way to be all that you can be, to do all you can do, and to reach out to your world as a whole person.

I no longer work with clients. I share energy with extraordinary people. People who are seeking to reach a higher spiritual level. People who seek a path to reach their potential. People who have a great destiny. People who want to be all they can be. People with great talent who for whatever reason in their past have been blocked. There are many ways to get blocked in today's world, but as we know after the whole world was destroyed, God sent a Rainbow to declare to mankind that there was a future.

I invite you to walk with me and become a Rainbow. Reach your personal potential. Then serve as a source of hope to a world in need of healing. You can be a Rainbow as a Gratitude Healer. But as the saying goes, "Physician, heal thyself." So of course first you need to be healed. And that is what the Spiritual Path of Gratitude Healing is about. We are working alongside potential world healers. That is why we call you Rainbows. Because there is a great destiny at the end. There is a pot of gold waiting for you including a fulfilling life, prosperity and inner joy. So my Rainbows, welcome.

There Is A Way To Gain Happiness But it Has Not Been Taught

The problem with most people is that they have never been taught that there is way to gain happiness, that they can organize and plan their lives to get what they want out of it, and that they can change starting from wherever they are right now by building their personal self esteem and the self esteem of others through the Empowerment key of Gratitude Healing.

Usually when people finally begin to examine their lives, they are in one of two places, either they are on a path to personal development or they are in a crisis situation. In either case, they may look in many places for fulfillment, looking for a guru here, a Master there, a new faith. They are always looking outside themselves for the answer to their lack of life satisfaction.

Your Level of Self Esteem Is What Determines Your Happiness

The fact is, their inner truth, their self esteem, that sense of self seems deeply buried, and yet their level of self esteem is what determines their happiness in life. Self esteem is not based on your outer appearance, how much money you have, although money in itself is good and necessary, or how you make yourself appear better than others. So what is self esteem?

Probably 90% of the people who embark on developing their personal potential fail because they do not understand that self esteem is actually packets of energy or life force. Several ways of maintaining high self esteem have been developed. One is used by members of dominant cultures to keep members of subordinate cultures in their place and under control.

People Are Depotentiated By Self Esteem Energy Stealing By Others

These people have discovered ways to steal self esteem units from others and so keep them at a lower level of self esteem energy which makes them easier to manipulate and control. This is called self esteem stealing or sexism or racism. Since these people do this on a daily basis and usually have the political, economic or military power to enforce their behaviors, and also reinforce each other in this, they are able to maintain these stolen and harvested self esteem
units in the dominant population.

Self esteem stealing is also used within the subordinated populations. Often children are put down, or desensitized' through home abuse to the treatment by the dominant culture so they won't rebel and be harmed. That is, the children expect to be treated that way and teach their children the same thing. Also sexism, financial superiority and skin color are 'ranked' with downgrading remarks, mark ups in prices, and put downs. But since they are not in a position to reinforce these self esteem robbing behaviors, these accumulated self esteem units are lost to the total population. That is the result of self hate among subordinated populations.

Self Esteem Stealing Is Hurtful and Debilitating to Those Who Are Robbed

Self esteem stealing occurs when women are subjected to sexual harassment, minority populations are systematically kept from success by hiring practices, discrimination for promotions, daily negative input in the total environment, changes in set-ups in business contracts that disperse or divert the commissions completely from the minority members of the contract. When minority people walk into the room, many dominants look at them and send hate energy to them so strongly they can feel it. It is possible to counter the negative energy, but this takes time, knowhow and energy. Meanwhile the dominant is being productive while the subordinate is forced to use his or her energy to rebound after receiving a blow of hate energy.

Many people in subordinate positions in corporations and businesses where executives regularly use them for self esteem unit harvesting. The secretarial ghetto is a prime example. Additionally, women executives have not only to be competent, but are continually using energy fighting against sexual innuendoes, deliberately used to throw them off balance. Any athlete will tell you the real game is the "mind" game. Win the "mind" game and the actual game is as good as in the win column. Self esteem stealing is used to make subordinate populations unable to perform at their top capabilities so the dominants win by default.

Self Esteem Stealing Prevents Personal Potentiation

As a result, persons subjected to self esteem stealing fail to reach their goals and often find themselves in unhappy marriages, miserable love relationships and fail over and over again. Many of them fail to reach their life goals, if they set any at all. They just don't have the knowhow to counter these negative self esteem stealers and work within themselves to build their personal self esteem. And they do not know the self esteem building power of building the self
esteem of others.

The cost in time, lost personal potential, happiness and fulfillment is astronomical, leading to everything from lowered productivity in the workplace to chemical dependency and alcoholism to depression to homelessness and suicide.

Now this frustration, pain and suffering can stop...because now there's

Noble Mama Carol is a Gratitude Healer, Gratitude Coach and Life Potentiation Coach and she is dedicated to potentiating individuals and businesspersons by developing self esteem building as a learnable skill that anyone can perfect and that can be effective both in the world of personal relationships and in the world of business. She is the creator of the Spiritual Path of Gratitude Healing Coaching Program. She has lived through the wars in her life and broken through to the light. And she wants to share energy with you so you too can reach your potential and your great destiny.

As she shares energy with you, you begin to intuit, to know how to build a successful life by working a few minutes daily within yourself to build your personal self esteem and also to build the self esteem of others. You can use the Gratitude Business Model and techniques whether you want to build better personal relationships or want to build a business using the self esteem building techniques of

Dr. Cross's characteristically caring, friendly, self esteem building, positive and upbeat coaching style supports you as you open yourself up to:

  • Creating your own successful potentiated life by learning the basic skills of personal self esteem building, building self esteem in others and bonding and linking

  • Answering the important questions you need answered before you can create a fulfilling satisfied life.

  • Discovering the power of the second way of building personal self esteem through building the self esteem of others called SELF ESTEEM PROPAGATION.

Each energy sharing session with Noble Mama Carol releases your spirit within, opens you into seeing that within you are the answers to these important questions:

* How is self esteem gained and lost?

* Why are you the most important person in your world?

* How does self esteem destruction take place?

* How can I start to build my personal self esteem today?

* Why did my parents and teachers try to make be feel bad about myself?

* Why do people at work keep trying to make me feel bad?

* Why does my supervisor never tell me anything good about my work?

* Why do my so called friends try to hurt my feelings so often?

There's still more.

Find out how to:

* Give yourself positive points so you can reward yourself for your accomplishments.

* Set up a Personal Triumph File so you know how many good things you have done.

* Deal with self esteem stealers.

* Develop your own personal program of self esteem building using
Self Potentiation Inspirationals.

* Get what you want out of life by setting up a Success Action Track.

* Tell when other people are Low Self Esteemers and begin to avoid them.

* Have the strength to get out of bad relationships.

* Realize that you did not attract into your life the bad people that are there because there are so many of them around no one can avoid them.

* Understand that most other people base their lives on our evolutionary survival methods of lying, cheating and deceit and they are only living these old outmoded ways.

* Don't expect others to do the right thing; look for them to try to bring you back down to their level once you start to grow and potentiate.

There's still more!

You'll also find out how to:

* Discover ways to find others who want to live upbeat, positive, self esteem building lives.

* Use self esteem building based Customer Bonding and Linking to build a small business.

* Realize that YOU ARE GREAT!

You need never again wonder how to create a potentiated successful, happy life. You GET exactly what you need to pick yourself up on those down days, to fight off the negative remarks of others, to build the self esteem of those you care about, to bond and link with the important others in your world, and much much more.

It's all here. In the Spiritual Path of Gratitude Healing

You learn how to become a High Self Esteemer using Self Potentiation Inspirationals, choosing songs, affirmations, denials, Power points, Gratitude Affirmation kits, the Gratitude game, gratitude rocks, gratitude products, Gratitude books, inner and outer environment control, products, courses, seminars, workshops and classes. You'll find out how to speak up in the presence of those who wish to intimidate you. You discover how best to counter those
who try to steal self esteem units from you.

It doesn't matter what your age, your race, your sex, or your present position, you need to learn these vital survival skills of personal self esteem building, building self esteem in others and bonding and linking. But until now, most of the methods used for building self esteem have not
worked. Not any more. Not with

Now everyone, every woman, man and child in America can learn these valuable skills that mean the difference between success and failure, having friends or being lonely, gaining fulfillment in life or endless searching.

Now there is no excuse for feeling bad about yourself... for letting the self esteem stealers have their way... for not developing a success plan for your life that sets you up to win instead of to lose. Now you have the power to find and keep the potentiating love relationships you have been seeking... to believe in your own worth... or whatever your dream of happiness is... and to do it NOW! It's all here, joyful experiences each session, every time you want to feel good about yourself! You can realized your rainbow promise.

The Spiritual Path of Gratitude Healing

Rainbow Healing Stage What Support YOU GET To Potentiate


Noble Mama Carol is there for you so you get a caring listener for your past hurts, losses and pain as you are entering the path to your growth - Seeker



YOU GET Noble Mama Carol's Strong Support in enabling forgiveness to remove the pain of past hurts, abuses and losses so you begin the basic step of giving up old hurts and pains through forgiveness - Personal Growth


Noble Mama Carol will help you open up your memory bank and see that there have been many good things in your past to be thankful for. Everyone from teachers to friends to good times to fun experiences. You’ll be released to recall them and give thanks for every happy event in your life - Blessings


As you are led by Noble Mama Carol to new insights about your world, you begin seeing the world around you through different eyes and become grateful for all that you have, so you get easy to follow steps for being grateful for what you have now -  Recognition



YOU GET the key steps from Noble Mama Carol for being grateful for what you want to manifest and you start seeing what your future will be like when you have achieved all the things you are seeking - Abundance


With Noble Mama Carol supporting you, you get unique tools for advancing to being grateful for the so called negative events when you see that everything has come into your life for your good and there is a seed of greater benefit in all the experiences of your life - Transformation


Through Noble Mama Carol's carefully crafted and guided programs you begin to experience joy sharing your gratitude and extending it to see the blessings you want others in your life to have. You become a source of Light and good to your world and you want others to have their heart's desire - Potentiator



Noble Mama Carol gives you so many tools to rebuild your Self Esteem. Now you understand how important your personal self esteem is not only for you but for all you wish to give to the world and work to become a high self esteemer - Self Actualization



You gain the knowhow walking alongside Noble Mama Carol to build the Self Esteem of others in your world. You discover the power you have to affect the lives of others and actively decide that your life will focus on building the Self Esteem of others in your world as your gift of empowerment to others - Empowerment



Noble Mama Carol is at your side when you take your new empowerment out into your world with the Gratitude Business Model. You profit as you integrate all you have gained at the other levels and pour it into creating and building a business that can make many people reach their potentials and goals - Success


Now you join Noble Mama Carol as a healing colleague by becoming a Gratitude Empowerment Coach and bring healing to your world by taking all you have learned and practiced and built into your life into a world that needs the empowerment and light of gratitude to make their lives work. You share it with them using the Gratitude Business Model to build your gratitude healing and coaching practice - Emissary
All this support is yours right now in the The Spiritual Path of Gratitude Healing Packages. Find out how to Open your Path.

Noble Mama Carol Also Offers Individual and short term coaching packages
You Can Become A Coach In The Spiritual Path of Gratitude Healing Program)

Spiritual Healing Links

IGEI is a Social Enterprise Corporation

Our Mantra - Always Be Grateful! Always!

The International Gratitude Empowerment Institute  (IGEI) is a social enterprise corporation that has social benefit purposes. The International Gratitude Empowerment Institute (IGEI) sells products and services for creating a gratitude immersion world. In addition to our profit motive, we are creating a gratitude immersion worldwide community based on the Way of Success through Gratitude.

The Way of Success through Gratitude includes these gratitude components:

  • Gratitude Healing Ways

  • Gratitude In Business

  • Gratitude & Spiritual Healing

  • Gratitude Communication Skills

  • Earth Gratitude

  • Society of the Faith Master

In addition to our profit motive, it is a social purpose corporation with these additional social benefits and goals:


1) Community: To create and provide an environment for low and middle income people to learn how to work together positively by teaching personal self-esteem building and how to build self-esteem in others, thus developing a community based on faith and gratitude resulting in a gratitude immersion culture.


2) Youth: To empower girls and women through special programs including sports and entertainment projects for self-esteem building and character development. To enable them to have a superordinate goal of giving to the world with no expectation of personal return such as tree planting projects to fight climate change. To use gratitude in sports to give strength to women and girls to heal from sexual abuse and domestic abuse.


3) Entrepreneurship: Develop social entrepreneurship projects through micro-financing of small and medium-sized enterprises including entrepreneurial training programs.


4) Technology: To teach skills to minorities, women and youth to become Mobile Entrepreneurs through technologies such as Skype, webinars and podcasts anywhere in the world. Today’s entrepreneur needs to master these skills even if they have a brick and mortar outlet for their business. We will teach them how they can use these new technologies to build their business.


5) Spiritual Development: Through our self-esteem building programs we will increase personal fulfillment, enable people to create peaceful loving relationships. When we build self-esteem, we build a person's spirit. Spiritual development is the key to bringing us all together to work and live together in a peaceful world. Spiritual development in our workforce makes people want to be productive, to be creative and to give their loyalty to each other and their employers. Without spiritual development it is difficult for people to lead productive, happy lives.


6):  Spiritual Therapy Programs: Many people understand how important it is to build the self-esteem of young people and working age people. But many people don't understand the needs of the Elderly, Disabled and Wheelchair Rider populations. Some see them as unimportant or nonproductive. But many people don't understand how they feel and the benefits we all can gain from them. The fact is, in the IGEI Gratitude Immersion World, we understand that these populations have a great deal to offer. The fact is they have much they can learn, much to feel, and much to share which can help us understand gratitude in many ways.


There are many stories of people who are not in wheelchairs but are bedridden, who make their families' lives happy by their cheerful, loving, giving, and self-esteem building personalities. Everyone has something to give. But the fact is, no one can give from an empty dish. No matter where you live there are others around you who need positive energy. How do we give them a way to build their own self-esteem so they can give to their world?


Through spiritual therapy you will learn how to use gratitude as a power to build your own self-esteem and reach out into the world to give to others. One way is by being in the outdoors, fishing and being close to nature where you rebuild your wholeness. By creating intergenerational volunteer programs you practice the gratitude skills you are learning. We share with them the spiritual therapy programs of IGEI.


Spiritual Therapy is a spiritual healing method that focuses on the rebuilding of inner wholeness. Techniques include gratitude practices, self-esteem building, meditation, affirmations, and reprogramming your subconscious mind. These techniques are based on repetitive actions and interactions, building new connections in your brain, to help yourself and others to grow, become more creative and develop spiritual health. Rebuilding your self-esteem is a vital part of spiritual therapy because high self-esteem is the basis of wholeness.


Spiritual therapy is best performed in nature because in nature you are able to reconnect with Mother Earth, become grounded and feel the energy around us. Our original way of life was immersed in the natural world. Once cities formed when agriculture developed, the clearings of civilization through the development of urbanization separated us from our connection with the earth. Spiritual therapy through fishing is designed to reestablish that connection.  Water Gratitude includes fishing as an important ecospiritual component of IGEI. Fishing teaches people to hope, to keep trying over and over again.


copyright © 2015 Carolyn Marie Cross. All rights reserved. The text, layout, graphics, and logos within this IGEI website are protected by U.S. copyright laws. Unless otherwise noted, no part of this electronic publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, sourced off this server for use in other electronic publications, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of SPW Ecojustice Center and IGEI. For permission to duplicate any portions of this information, please contact us.


Since we are dedicated to developing a Gratitude immersion culture worldwide, it is very likely that permission will be freely given once we are contacted.


Examples of copyright violations. Please note that this list is not all inclusive and does not cover all possible violations.

· Copying our images or pages to your web server.

· Adding our images into other images.

· Artistic renderings of our images that significantly resemble the original image.

· Referencing/sourcing images off of our server for publication on your server.

· Linking directly to an image source file on our server.

· Using our online logo to link to our pages.

Please understand that even if you "give credit" with publication (including electronic publication) of a copyrighted image, this is still a copyright violation if the image has been used without our express permission. Copyright is not simply a matter of "giving credit where it's due." Copyright owners have the right to decide when and where they want their images used.


If you wish to link to our site, you can use the linking logo that we have provided. Linking to SPW Ecojustice Center and IGEI does not require our permission. We strongly recommend that you link only to our homepage. Linking directly to pages within our site is permissible, but generally not recommended, as we reserve the right to move pages within our site without prior notice -- and, therefore your links would break

International Gratitude Empowerment Institute, Inc

Carol Cross, PhD, President

Phone 305-788-5563 Email

Lorrayne Dee Brightman, M.A,  Vice President

Phone 954-298-9818 Email

Society of the Faith Master

Dr. Carol Cross, Visionary Messenger & Honored Leader

Lorrayne Dee Brightman,  Praise Leader &  Honored Leader

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