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The FourFold Way


The Philosophy and Practices of the Society of the Faith Master

The Society of the Faith Master is our optional non-secular gratitude outreach. Gratitude is the Survival Lightkey for us all, empowerment for all, whether you have a religious belief or do not have any such beliefs. All are acceptable in the gratitude immersion world we are building, with those who are willing to live their lives with gratitude.

This society is for those who seek the religious dimension of faith and gratitude. We have a strong dogma or code of belief in the inherent goodness of our species and its future as spiritual beings. Our society is designed to be a high energy place, a happy place, based on building self-esteem, gratitude, praise and faith.

The purpose of our worship services and classes is to enhance the quality of life of our members and to help our members develop community, structure, meaning and a superordinate goal. That means helping our members develop faith, building their self-esteem, teaching them how to use the Gratitude Law of Attraction, and giving them the other teachings of the society such as communication skills, entrepreneurial skills and others.

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The International Gratitude Empowerment Institute (IGEI) is a social enterprise corporation, a teaching organization. Read more about IGEI and our teaching philosophy. Find out Why IGEI Gratitude is important to you
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In the Footsteps of the Faith Master


Have you been on a spiritual journey? Have you been looking for a way to make your life more successful or more joyful? Have you sought for the answers in churches, in discussion groups, in workshops, in seminars, in many places searching for the key that would unlock the spiritual powers you seek? Each time you have opened a new door into a new theory, philosophy, society doctrine, organizational steps to success, you've reached a higher point but then you reached a wall, feeling disappointed, and wonder, “How can I grow more?” Perhaps now you think that it is all so hopeless. That there is no way to find the spiritual growth, spiritual strength, the spiritual energy, and the spiritual power you have been seeking.

In your heart of hearts, you do understand one truth, which was that 2,000 years ago a Man came to the earth who manifested perfect spiritual power, was able to tap into the spiritual energy of divine substance and was able to manifest whatever he needed to fulfill His healing mission for the people in His world. Thousands of books have been written about Him, a billion people purport to worship Him, but what they worship is the historical illusion of His life. This Man was Jesus the Christ, this perfect Man understood the mysteries of the universe so much so that He healed the sick, multiplied large quantities of food, turned water to wine, walked on water and raised the dead, all with great faith.

All the books that have been written about Him tell the people about Him. They deify His birth in a stable. They deify the experiences He lived and even make His death into a passion play. Clearly people did not understand what He was saying, but that He said it.


Possibly more people have been killed, tortured and maimed trying to force people to believe that He was some kind of savior. In so doing they did the opposite of what He told people to do. And today, racism is promulgated in the name of this Jesus who never distinguished between Samaritans, people who were another race from His, women found in prostitution, the hated tax collectors, or children who seemingly had nothing to offer according to the culture.


How can you torture people in His name when He said there were only two commandments and they were both about love? 1) Love God and 2) love your neighbor as yourself. He loved them all. Yet the very people who claim they follow Him do not accept people of another race, they do not raise up prostitutes and help them to be healed, they pit social class against social class, instead of nurturing and protecting children, they sexually molest them in 1/3 of the homes in the USA.

This is clear: that the religion about Jesus is not the religion of Jesus. Today’s Christianity is about learning Jesus' life story, not about reliving Jesus' life story when He clearly stated that “I am the way.”


Faith Master Jesus showed us examples of how to love our neighbor. You read about the "good" Samaritan, the person of one race that was kind to someone of another race who was attacked, while the people of the same race as the abused person walked past him on the other side of the road. If you as a white person saw a black man lying on the ground, saw him beaten up bloody, how many of you would lift him up and carry him to a hotel, pay for it and his food and say you would pay for anything he needed at the hotel desk? If you saw a prostitute being beaten up by somebody, would you stop them, walk away or would you say she is getting what she deserves? When you see homeless children in the street would you let them sit on your lap, give them food or find a place for them?


Faith Master Jesus in His wondrous life told us that we could have enough faith to move mountains. He said He came to show us how to have an abundant life. Yet many churches focus on sin and condemnation, things that Jesus never did. They focus on repentance which Jesus never demanded, nor did he demand a recitation of sins and mistakes. He only asked if they wanted to be made whole.


The beautiful teaching of Faith Master Jesus has been diminished to make way for the personal agendas of people who want to control others through fear. People are taught to fear hell, to fear the end time, to fear the devil, to fear to make a mistake, so they lie and cover them up, to fear damnation and eternal hell fire, none of which Jesus taught or lived. The words of Jesus are spoken but not understood, “Fear not, for I am with you.”


Nor are the people in these congregations taught how to follow in the footsteps of Faith Master Jesus. So we ask how do we make a better life for ourselves and our family. Jesus told us how. How do we heal ourselves and our lives? How do we build our faith? Jesus tells us we need faith. How do we get it? churches don’t know how to teach you, so they just say we have to have it. And if we don’t automatically have it, it is implied that we are at fault.

What did Jesus Christ want from us? He tells us to do the things he did and even greater things. But how do we learn how to do this? He told us what to do but he just didn’t have time to teach us how to do these things. He only had three short years. He taught through parables but he did not have time to explain what the parables meant. And so those who followed him were in the dark. They didn’t know how to teach. Even today most teachers do not understand what learning is. It is only recently that we have through science come to understand how the brain learns.


Since the members of the Sanhedrin council could not do the things Jesus did at His spiritual level, they sought to stop him from "showing them up.” And the society organizations that followed down through the ages have prevented the power from belonging to the followers. churches do not know how to teach people how to build their lives right, so they take the easy route of telling them they are sinners, or that they missed the mark.

Many fill up with fear and feel guilty because they don’t know how to change their behavior. Instead of filling you with joy and self-esteem, they fill you with a feeling of imperfection, of not reaching your goals, lowering your self-esteem, of being bad, of failing, of your inability due to your lack of success. Also, the powerful in the churches want to control the members, but they don’t know that we respond to reward more than fear. The churches would be much more powerful if they used the two commandments Faith Master Jesus asked us to use.


And then they cap it off by telling you that you bear a sin that has been passed down since Adam and that no matter what good deed you do, you will always fall short because you have original sin. Did Jesus tell us that? Did he burden people down with a past they could not resolve? No! He never said any of these things. Instead He gave people physical and spiritual food that made thousands flock to Him


Today’s churches and groups build their own self-esteem, their own self-aggrandizement, while often they make you feel lessened and nothing. If no one spoke to you on your first (few) visits, you might even ask, “Who am I?” That is why you often feel empty when you leave your society or program. You often feel worse than you did when you arrived.


Faith Master Jesus did not do that to people. Many churches and groups break you down with your imperfections, but Jesus saw through to the inner perfection you have. Jesus saw you with the Spirit Eye, seeing to your very essence to the wondrous being He came to share His wonderful messages with.


How does anyone tap into the wondrous learning and teaching that Faith Master Jesus gave us? What are the skills we need, to do the things He did? Can you look at a prostitute caught in adultery and see her with compassion and the Spirit Eye to the wondrous person therein caught up in circumstances in her culture that she had no other way to live? Can you see a poor child, a peasant child, and say bring him or her to me? Can you find a way to take yourself to a higher spiritual level by developing the faith that can move mountains and what does that mean?


How do you develop a faith that moves mountains? How do you tap into the universal divine substance Jesus tapped into when he turned water to wine and fed the thousands. Peter fed thousands, also. How do you bring the healing energy you need into your body and the body of others?  How do you heal a wounded spirit of a family member or friend?


These are all the things that Jesus did. And these are the things we are supposed to learn to do. And that is the mission and vision of the Society of the Faith Master: to teach those, who want to learn, how to follow in the footsteps of Faith Master Jesus. He was very clear that if people did not want his teachings the disciples were to walk away. Therefore, if you want to learn, and come to commune with us, you are most welcome.


In the Society of the Faith Master, you find the step-by-step guidelines so you grow and build the needed spiritual skills to do the things He said we could all do, to build the faith He said we could build, to give the love He said was in us all. You’ll find all this and more in the book In the Footsteps of the Faith Master.


Jesus showed in His life how to grow. We see that each deed he did fed on the ones before. He continued to strengthen His faith as He prayed and meditated and built on His previous experiences. When He started by turning water to wine, he had not yet reached the point where He could overcome death. He grew as He lived and so too can you. In the Footsteps book you see how to grow, just as Faith Master Jesus did, through many different teachings. He said, “I am the way.” He often said and was puzzled by some close to Him, “You faithless generation.” He also said, “No greater faith have I seen,” when a Roman soldier asked for His help. He also said to the crawling woman with the issue of blood, “By your faith have you been healed.”


Jesus lived a potentiated life. But Jesus studied for years to develop his skills. He spent many days up in the mountain wilderness praying and meditating. He used the power of repetition. He always looked up before he sought to allow the energy to flow through him, saying, “Father, I know You always hear me.” This was an affirmation Jesus used often. He practiced the Presence of God, seeking to always glorify the Father, and to stay in contact with spiritual energy. In His life Faith Master Jesus shows us the things we need to do to. To learn how to tap into the way of life that Faith Master Jesus lived, the Society of the Faith Master offers teachings that serve as step-by-step guidelines to develop your faith and build your self-esteem and learn how to live a potentiated life. You learn how to tap into his Spiritual Blood as he told us to do at the Last Supper. Also, how to tap into touching the hem of the garment of Jesus. We were not told how to in the Bible.


Since that time a whole new way of learning based on what it called tapping into the entire brain has been developed through science. Jesus taught through parables intuitively but there was no time to teach his students to use any of the skills such as affirmations, repetitions, training the subconscious mind, building faith through exercises. But you are blessed in the Society of the Faith Master as you learn how in a faith and gratitude immersion culture.


The founders of the Society of the Faith Master are teachers who have developed unique, proprietary learning methods that incorporate the latest scientific learning methods. Indeed the two founders are both trained scientists and teachers. We take the things Faith Master Jesus told us to do and have turned them into a program with step-by-step guidelines on how to do them. We teach how to use affirmations, repetition, prayers, how to build your spirit by building your self-esteem and others', changing your inner and outer environments and the value of practice for building your faith.



Gratitude is the Survival Lightkey for spiritual development. The FourFold Way includes Praise, Gratitude, seeing with the Spirit Eye vision, and Faith that is needed for whatever is created. The Faith Master Lord Jesus Christ showed us by example how to use each of these steps toward healing ourselves, those around us, our world and to develop spiritually. However, we often miss the meaning of what Faith Master Jesus did, thinking His greatness was beyond us. But Faith Master Jesus said that we would do  greater works than those He did.


Now IGEI and the Society of the Faith Master have laid out the disciplines needed to learn how to develop faith under all circumstances. It is explained in the book, In the Footsteps of the Master.

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IGEI is a Social Enterprise Corporation

Our Mantra - Always Be Grateful! Always!

The International Gratitude Empowerment Institute  (IGEI) is a social enterprise corporation that has social benefit purposes. The International Gratitude Empowerment Institute (IGEI) sells products and services for creating a gratitude immersion world. In addition to our profit motive, we are creating a gratitude immersion worldwide community based on the Way of Success through Gratitude.

The Way of Success through Gratitude includes these gratitude components:

  • Gratitude Healing Ways

  • Gratitude In Business

  • Gratitude & Spiritual Healing

  • Gratitude Communication Skills

  • Earth Gratitude

  • Society of the Faith Master

In addition to our profit motive, it is a social purpose corporation with these additional social benefits and goals:


1) Community: To create and provide an environment for low and middle income people to learn how to work together positively by teaching personal self-esteem building and how to build self-esteem in others, thus developing a community based on faith and gratitude resulting in a gratitude immersion culture.


2) Youth: To empower girls and women through special programs including sports and entertainment projects for self-esteem building and character development. To enable them to have a superordinate goal of giving to the world with no expectation of personal return such as tree planting projects to fight climate change. To use gratitude in sports to give strength to women and girls to heal from sexual abuse and domestic abuse.


3) Entrepreneurship: Develop social entrepreneurship projects through micro-financing of small and medium-sized enterprises including entrepreneurial training programs.


4) Technology: To teach skills to minorities, women and youth to become Mobile Entrepreneurs through technologies such as Skype, webinars and podcasts anywhere in the world. Today’s entrepreneur needs to master these skills even if they have a brick and mortar outlet for their business. We will teach them how they can use these new technologies to build their business.


5) Spiritual Development: Through our self-esteem building programs we will increase personal fulfillment, enable people to create peaceful loving relationships. When we build self-esteem, we build a person's spirit. Spiritual development is the key to bringing us all together to work and live together in a peaceful world. Spiritual development in our workforce makes people want to be productive, to be creative and to give their loyalty to each other and their employers. Without spiritual development it is difficult for people to lead productive, happy lives.


6):  Spiritual Therapy Programs: Many people understand how important it is to build the self-esteem of young people and working age people. But many people don't understand the needs of the Elderly, Disabled and Wheelchair Rider populations. Some see them as unimportant or nonproductive. But many people don't understand how they feel and the benefits we all can gain from them. The fact is, in the IGEI Gratitude Immersion World, we understand that these populations have a great deal to offer. The fact is they have much they can learn, much to feel, and much to share which can help us understand gratitude in many ways.


There are many stories of people who are not in wheelchairs but are bedridden, who make their families' lives happy by their cheerful, loving, giving, and self-esteem building personalities. Everyone has something to give. But the fact is, no one can give from an empty dish. No matter where you live there are others around you who need positive energy. How do we give them a way to build their own self-esteem so they can give to their world?


Through spiritual therapy you will learn how to use gratitude as a power to build your own self-esteem and reach out into the world to give to others. One way is by being in the outdoors, fishing and being close to nature where you rebuild your wholeness. By creating intergenerational volunteer programs you practice the gratitude skills you are learning. We share with them the spiritual therapy programs of IGEI.


Spiritual Therapy is a spiritual healing method that focuses on the rebuilding of inner wholeness. Techniques include gratitude practices, self-esteem building, meditation, affirmations, and reprogramming your subconscious mind. These techniques are based on repetitive actions and interactions, building new connections in your brain, to help yourself and others to grow, become more creative and develop spiritual health. Rebuilding your self-esteem is a vital part of spiritual therapy because high self-esteem is the basis of wholeness.


Spiritual therapy is best performed in nature because in nature you are able to reconnect with Mother Earth, become grounded and feel the energy around us. Our original way of life was immersed in the natural world. Once cities formed when agriculture developed, the clearings of civilization through the development of urbanization separated us from our connection with the earth. Spiritual therapy through fishing is designed to reestablish that connection.  Water Gratitude includes fishing as an important ecospiritual component of IGEI. Fishing teaches people to hope, to keep trying over and over again.


copyright © 2015 Carolyn Marie Cross. All rights reserved. The text, layout, graphics, and logos within this IGEI website are protected by U.S. copyright laws. Unless otherwise noted, no part of this electronic publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, sourced off this server for use in other electronic publications, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of SPW Ecojustice Center and IGEI. For permission to duplicate any portions of this information, please contact us.


Since we are dedicated to developing a Gratitude immersion culture worldwide, it is very likely that permission will be freely given once we are contacted.


Examples of copyright violations. Please note that this list is not all inclusive and does not cover all possible violations.

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Please understand that even if you "give credit" with publication (including electronic publication) of a copyrighted image, this is still a copyright violation if the image has been used without our express permission. Copyright is not simply a matter of "giving credit where it's due." Copyright owners have the right to decide when and where they want their images used.


If you wish to link to our site, you can use the linking logo that we have provided. Linking to SPW Ecojustice Center and IGEI does not require our permission. We strongly recommend that you link only to our homepage. Linking directly to pages within our site is permissible, but generally not recommended, as we reserve the right to move pages within our site without prior notice -- and, therefore your links would break

International Gratitude Empowerment Institute, Inc

Carol Cross, PhD, President

Phone 305-788-5563 Email

Lorrayne Dee Brightman, M.A,  Vice President

Phone 954-298-9818 Email

Society of the Faith Master

Dr. Carol Cross, Visionary Messenger & Honored Leader

Lorrayne Dee Brightman,  Praise Leader &  Honored Leader

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