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The FourFold Way


The Philosophy and Practices of the Society of the Faith Master

The Society of the Faith Master is our optional non-secular gratitude outreach. Gratitude is the Survival Lightkey for us all, empowerment for all, whether you have a religious belief or do not have any such beliefs. All are acceptable in the gratitude immersion world we are building, with those who are willing to live their lives with gratitude.

This society is for those who seek the religious dimension of faith and gratitude. We have a strong dogma or code of belief in the inherent goodness of our species and its future as spiritual beings. Our society is designed to be a high energy place, a happy place, based on building self-esteem, gratitude, praise and faith.

The purpose of our worship services and classes is to enhance the quality of life of our members and to help our members develop community, structure, meaning and a superordinate goal. That means helping our members develop faith, building their self-esteem, teaching them how to use the Gratitude Law of Attraction, and giving them the other teachings of the society such as communication skills, entrepreneurial skills and others.

Order the 10 Books of This Empowering Work, In the Footsteps of the Faith Master, From the IGEI Bookstore


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Creating The Green Economy

The Green Economy can provide new job and business opportunities in the Gratitude Century.

Handling Global Warming Is Vital To Our Planet's Sustainability


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What is Earth Gratitude?

It is being grateful for our planet, our sun, our water, our air, our mountains, our oceans, our hills, our valleys, our forests our entire world.

How do we practice Earth Gratitude at International Gratitude Empowerment Institute? One way is to plant trees with children, adults and with our family and friends.

We practice the facets of the Green Economy - Rethink, Remove, Recycle, Regenerate, Retool, Reemploy
We Enable Companies to Market Through Environmental Responsibility By Becoming Earth Gratitude Tree Companies. We Practice Fitoremediation of our land.

Creating the Green Economy

Getting In On The Ground Floor Of A New Industry

When a new industry is just coming into being, investing in it seems to be risky. Usually you see a lot of missionaries for the new product or in rare cases the universe of known new products that can be developed. These are the high risk takers, the people who believe in this new idea and seem willing to starve themselves just to keep on going to develop this exciting new idea. These are the entrepreneurs, like Bill Gates, Sam Walton, Steve Jobs, etc. They take the biggest risk; they take home the biggest profits.

Entrepreneurship is defined as risk taking. Stepping out on faith. Going into debt. Delving into something. Making an area of business a life work.

And many times it pays off. Lots of times it doesn't. But when it does pay off, it pays off big. It is the surest way to riches to get in on the ground floor of a new industry, become part of it, and get rich as it develops.

This is an exciting time in history for entrepreneurship. For the first time we have the INTERNET, a new means of communication that shows the promise of making all of us able to be in communication with each other.

The environmental movement, offensive to some, has instead opened up a tremendous new universe of potential profit centers. Combining the environmental movement with a new industry is a way that great wealth can be generated. Such a combination of new industry and the environmental movement has emerged with the upsurge in the development of the Green Economy. Its uses are just beginning to be developed. Its future is unlimited.

Through the Gratitude Business Model we seek to ensure that all transactions are mutually beneficial to all parties.That extends not just to the human parties but to the underlying resource beneath our feet, our planet. So we must begin to include our relationship with our earth as part of the model.

The Components of the Green Economy

Rethink - We need to rethink how we live
What is your day like? How many people are required, how much energy, how much space, how many resources are used just to make your life comfortable?

Take a look at the Empowerment Sharing page to see just how many people are required to keep you living your comfortable life. Is there a way for you and me to be comfortable without taking so much from our world? What would our world be like if resources were shared more equitably? Is there a way to redesign our life so we do not use so much energy? Could we learn to ride bicycles so we do not have to use so much gasoline? Could we have car pooling so there do not have to be so many big cars on freeways with one person in them? Could our cities be redesigned so we can walk to important places? Can we stop using such large plastic packaging for small products that has to go into our landfills? Can we learn the skills of gratitude to each other and stop wasting so many resources on armies, weapons and more weapons? Can we stop fighting each other and learn how to live together in harmony?


We need to get our population levels under control. It is difficult to feed the people we have now. And another 2-4 billion people will be added by 2050. Where will it all end?We are eating ourselves, burning ourselves, poisoning our soils ourselves into self destruction. We must gain control of ourselves lest we destroy our world. Population control must be on our agenda.

The creation of a gratitude immersion world is a vital need for our species to continue our existence here.


Gratitude - Gratitude is the new Survival Lightkey. It allows feelings of joy and thankfulness to flow into your heart by looking around at your world and seeing the good in it. You have air, give thanks for breath. You have food, give thanks for that. You have farmers who grow and harvest the food. You have truckers who deliver the food. You have stores who sell the food. You have water, give thanks for that. It is being thankful for your life. And you have so very much more in your world. Look at it with open eyes and you will feel an inner joy welling up. "Thank you," you will say. That is gratitude.

Gratitude is becoming a way of life for many advanced people. People who have found the key to living well and joyfully. People who understand we have been given a wonderful planet. People who know we are living in the greatest time of our species history. People who have discovered the new technologies that enable all of us to communicate with each other in a way never before known to our species.

GRATITUDE BUSINESS MODEL = A new paradigm of business based on two aspects:

Enhancing the Profit Differential of Business which is to increase profits by bringing in more customers, empowering and motivating staff, increasing sales to each customer, creating Word-of-Mouth Ambassadors, maintaining strict quality control through caring employees; building self-esteem in customers and staff daily.

Enhancing the Personal Profit Differential of customers and staff by daily self-esteem building activities by management which is then transferred to customers through training and support, creating special events and empowering staff to be successful.

Remove - We need to remove unnecessary consumption

We being by removing unnecessary consumption from our lifestyle at the same time we clean up our environment by removing trash, used tires, plastic wastes, paper wastes from our lives. We can also learn to use less of things like plastic by using reusable recycled paper bags and cloth bags made of green fibers like kenaf and hemp. We need to prevent oil spills, non point pollution like fields covered with fertilizer, insecticides and more from agriculture and other contaminants from entering our water. This includes preventing these items from entering landfills that spew contaminants into our ground water and our aquifers.

Recycle - We need to recycle plastic, glass, computer scraps, used tires, paper, petroleum products

Recycling is such a wonderful idea. The ideas of saving appeals to us all. Why buy it again when we can reuse it. Why mine the earth more when we can reuse the present metals and minerals we already have?There is so much we can recycle. Millions of used tires are lying in illegal dumps. Used tires have many uses.

Thousands of houses are torn down and usable building materials burned. Houses can be refurbished and remodeled instead of tearing them down and replacing good wood walls with thin plaster covered plywood walls. Recycled lumber often is from old heartwood and can last for centuries when used to build new houses or remodel the old. Bricks can be cleaned and reused. Bricks will last for centuries.


Paper can be recycled to make more paper. Leaves can be composted and made into organic fertilizer. Oil can be reclaimed by filtering out the contaminants and dirt. Old furniture that you no longer need can be donated to places like Goodwill which can provide jobs to people who refinish and upgrade it. Used clothing is a vital export product. Through our non profit Soccer for Life, we collect and recycle used soccer gear and uniforms in Haiti and for youth at risk to play soccer in Florida.

Regenerate - We need to replant our forests.

The major factors in the present climate change scenario is the increase in carbon gases in the atmosphere. We are all contributors to this buildup. Planting trees are the only viable method we have right now to sequester carbon gases from our atmosphere. But reforestation is needed for more than sequestering carbon. Trees have so many benefits. In many countries deforestation has led to desertification.

Atmospheric Buildup of Carbon Gases

For over 150 years, industrial societies have been releasing carbon from underground coal and oil reserves, adding about 175 billion tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) to the atmosphere since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Another six billion tons are being added each year, resulting in a 31% increase of CO2 in the atmosphere since 1750. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), “the present CO2 concentration has not been exceeded during the past 420,000 years and likely not during the past 20 million years.” The current rate of increase is unprecedented during at least the past 20,000 years. About three-quarters of CO2 emissions during the past 20 years is due to fossil fuel burning.

Forests Combat Global Warming By:

Regulating the earth’s temperature. Helping to maintain the equilibrium of our world weather system. In 50 years one tree recycles more than $37,000 worth of water, provides $31,000 worth of erosion control, $62,000 worth of air pollution control, and produces $37,000 worth of oxygen. Two mature trees provide enough oxygen for a family of four. Trees help reduce the "greenhouse effect" by absorbing CO2. Forest planting is one of the most cost-effective ways of reducing CO2. To remove 1 pound of CO2, planting trees costs less than 1 cent, developing more energy efficient appliances costs about 2 1/2 cents, and developing more fuel-efficient cars costs about 10 cents.
How Does Tree Planting Halt Global Warming and Improve our Environment?

By cooling the air and ground around them, the shade from trees helps cool the Earth's temperature. Trees are good noise barriers, making a city and neighborhood quieter. Trees help prevent city flooding by catching raindrops and offsetting runoff caused by buildings and parking lots. Hospital patients heal faster, require shorter stays and less painkillers if room windows face trees. A tree-line buffer between fields and streams helps remove farming pollutants before they reach the water. Well placed trees help cut energy costs and consumption by decreasing air conditioning costs 10-50% & reducing heating costs as much as 4-22%.

How Does Tree Planting Halt Global Warming and Enhance our Environment?

Trees are the longest living and largest living organisms on Earth. People who plant trees become healthier, better looking, richer, and have more friends (well maybe that's stretching it a bit) - plant a tree and find out! In deserts, leaves absorb moisture from the dew and frost of the cool nights and release it to cool the air during the warm days.

Trees enhance the aesthetics of our environment. Their grandeur, tenacity, and beauty are probably the most enjoyable aspect of trees. Tree bark and fruit have many medicinal properties, which are still being discovered. Birds and animals use trees for their homes and shelter and as a source of food. One person in the USA causes about 30-40 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) to be emitted a year. One tree removes about 1 ton of CO2per year. Planting 30 trees per person will remove that person's carbon debt for the year.

So we need to start immediately to replant the world forests to clean our air.

Retool - We need to change the way we operate our world.

We need to move to a renewable energy world with solar, wind, electric cars, generation of energy from biomass. The cars are advertised based on how fast they move, how quick they take off. They constantly try to get the miles per gallon up but the fact is, gas prices continue to rise because those who market gasoline products know that we are addicted to speed and power. Cars and vehicles are for transportation not for the sublimation of sexual drive. But with today's marketing approaches, that is how they are used and how they are sold. We have new technology. When we create electric cars or solar cars or battery operated cars they are difficult to sell in a world of flashing fast moving sports cars and powerful vehicles. Can we choose to overcome this addiction to save the world?


Our factories need to be retooled to use the new alternative technologies. Can solar power and wind power be use to generate the electricity we need?

Reemploy - We need to look at the way we deploy our human resources


Millions of people unemployed. At the same time millions of used tires clutter up the landscapes. Landfills generate methane that pollutes and makes sour ground water. Runoff fills fish with mercury and other pollutants going up the food chains and kills the birds that eat them. Warnings abound in every state that it is dangerous to eat fish. Millions of tons of plastic waste will not degrade for centuries in our landfills. Waste collects in the oceans. Waste paper clogs up the landfill, most of it non-biodegrable


.Iron, steel, aluminum, wood scraps, good lumber, old houses, bricks, cement, tools, plastic wrapping all are generated in millions of tons daily.


Yet millions of people are unemployed. Made to feel useless. Not able to have high self-esteem by being part of a community as a useful member. This is a terrible disconnect. Can we find a way to bring these unemployed, those now in prisons, those on the streets, those homeless into the Green Economy by designing jobs for them?


 We must decide if we are going to let the robots make us obsolete or will we create human scale employment for people. We must support and develop backyard aquaponics, develop community gardening projects in every neighborhood.

The Green Economy can provide new job and business opportunities in the Gratitude Century.

  • Plants for Prosperity
  • Kenaf
  • Leucaena
  • Miracle Fruit - Synsepalum dulcificum
  • Miracle Tree - Moringa oleifera
  • Aquaponics
  • Butterfly rearing
  • Small scale tourism
  • Small Scale Fruit Raising
  • Community Gardening Projects

Coming Soon

Creating The Green Economy - Job Creation and Economic Development

Changing The Inner Beliefs For New Job Creation

Understanding the Challenges Facing All Of Us

Including Everyone Through Diversity Inclusion

Redesigning the Workplaces Of the World For Sustainability

Complete Learning Systems For The Gratitude Century

The Importance of Gratitude Tourism For Employment


Earth Gratitude, Inc - Your key to Earth Gratitude, the sustainable and profitable agriculture, forestry, agroforestry, livestock production, export training, agricultural mechanization and small scale industrial development in developing countries. Fast Growing Tree Plantations Of Leucaena Are an Elegant Solution To Carbon Sequestration. In the ECOCHARCOAL projects being developed, the growth of trees will rapidly reuse carbon out of the air.

That is why Leucaena is the perfect tree for the production of ECOCHARCOAL.

Earth Gratitude, Inc., is a subsidiary of the International Gratitude Empowerment Institute(IGEI), Inc. We support the earth gratitude activities of the Society of the Faith Master.

We are an organization dedicated to the reclaiming of the environment of our Earth through Earth Gratitude. Our mandate comes from the 1987 Directly Channeled Success Covenant “To do all we can do to preserve the environment of this planet and to restore and reclaim environments that have been degraded”


Dr. Carol Cross


Telephone/Telefono Organizacion - 001-305-788-5563

Email/Correo Electronico -

Client support/Soporte al cliente -

IGEI is a Social Enterprise Corporation

Our Mantra - Always Be Grateful! Always!

The International Gratitude Empowerment Institute  (IGEI) is a social enterprise corporation that has social benefit purposes. The International Gratitude Empowerment Institute (IGEI) sells products and services for creating a gratitude immersion world. In addition to our profit motive, we are creating a gratitude immersion worldwide community based on the Way of Success through Gratitude.

The Way of Success through Gratitude includes these gratitude components:

  • Gratitude Healing Ways

  • Gratitude In Business

  • Gratitude & Spiritual Healing

  • Gratitude Communication Skills

  • Earth Gratitude

  • Society of the Faith Master

In addition to our profit motive, it is a social purpose corporation with these additional social benefits and goals:


1) Community: To create and provide an environment for low and middle income people to learn how to work together positively by teaching personal self-esteem building and how to build self-esteem in others, thus developing a community based on faith and gratitude resulting in a gratitude immersion culture.


2) Youth: To empower girls and women through special programs including sports and entertainment projects for self-esteem building and character development. To enable them to have a superordinate goal of giving to the world with no expectation of personal return such as tree planting projects to fight climate change. To use gratitude in sports to give strength to women and girls to heal from sexual abuse and domestic abuse.


3) Entrepreneurship: Develop social entrepreneurship projects through micro-financing of small and medium-sized enterprises including entrepreneurial training programs.


4) Technology: To teach skills to minorities, women and youth to become Mobile Entrepreneurs through technologies such as Skype, webinars and podcasts anywhere in the world. Today’s entrepreneur needs to master these skills even if they have a brick and mortar outlet for their business. We will teach them how they can use these new technologies to build their business.


5) Spiritual Development: Through our self-esteem building programs we will increase personal fulfillment, enable people to create peaceful loving relationships. When we build self-esteem, we build a person's spirit. Spiritual development is the key to bringing us all together to work and live together in a peaceful world. Spiritual development in our workforce makes people want to be productive, to be creative and to give their loyalty to each other and their employers. Without spiritual development it is difficult for people to lead productive, happy lives.


6):  Spiritual Therapy Programs: Many people understand how important it is to build the self-esteem of young people and working age people. But many people don't understand the needs of the Elderly, Disabled and Wheelchair Rider populations. Some see them as unimportant or nonproductive. But many people don't understand how they feel and the benefits we all can gain from them. The fact is, in the IGEI Gratitude Immersion World, we understand that these populations have a great deal to offer. The fact is they have much they can learn, much to feel, and much to share which can help us understand gratitude in many ways.


There are many stories of people who are not in wheelchairs but are bedridden, who make their families' lives happy by their cheerful, loving, giving, and self-esteem building personalities. Everyone has something to give. But the fact is, no one can give from an empty dish. No matter where you live there are others around you who need positive energy. How do we give them a way to build their own self-esteem so they can give to their world?


Through spiritual therapy you will learn how to use gratitude as a power to build your own self-esteem and reach out into the world to give to others. One way is by being in the outdoors, fishing and being close to nature where you rebuild your wholeness. By creating intergenerational volunteer programs you practice the gratitude skills you are learning. We share with them the spiritual therapy programs of IGEI.


Spiritual Therapy is a spiritual healing method that focuses on the rebuilding of inner wholeness. Techniques include gratitude practices, self-esteem building, meditation, affirmations, and reprogramming your subconscious mind. These techniques are based on repetitive actions and interactions, building new connections in your brain, to help yourself and others to grow, become more creative and develop spiritual health. Rebuilding your self-esteem is a vital part of spiritual therapy because high self-esteem is the basis of wholeness.


Spiritual therapy is best performed in nature because in nature you are able to reconnect with Mother Earth, become grounded and feel the energy around us. Our original way of life was immersed in the natural world. Once cities formed when agriculture developed, the clearings of civilization through the development of urbanization separated us from our connection with the earth. Spiritual therapy through fishing is designed to reestablish that connection.  Water Gratitude includes fishing as an important ecospiritual component of IGEI. Fishing teaches people to hope, to keep trying over and over again.


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Since we are dedicated to developing a Gratitude immersion culture worldwide, it is very likely that permission will be freely given once we are contacted.


Examples of copyright violations. Please note that this list is not all inclusive and does not cover all possible violations.

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International Gratitude Empowerment Institute, Inc

Carol Cross, PhD, President

Phone 305-788-5563 Email

Lorrayne Dee Brightman, M.A,  Vice President

Phone 954-298-9818 Email

Society of the Faith Master

Dr. Carol Cross, Visionary Messenger & Honored Leader

Lorrayne Dee Brightman,  Praise Leader &  Honored Leader

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