Society of the Faith Master
Our Spiritual Mantra
- "Therefore I say unto you. Whatsoever things you desire, when ye pray, believe that you receive them, and ye shall have them" Mark 11:22,23. And He said, Lazarus, Come Forth. And he who had died came out. John 11:43. And he said, take up thy bed and walk. Mark 2:11. And he said Give them (5000 people) food to eat. Mark 8:6-10. Examples of faith Hebrews 11
The FourFold Way

Dedicated to Creating a Safe, Self-Esteem Building, Caring Faith Immersion, Community. You Learn How to Praise, Be Grateful, See with the Spirit Eye and Build and Increase Your Faith!

The Purpose of the Society of the Faith Master is to Fulfill the Success Covenant Channeled by God to Dr. Carol Cross and scribed by Dee Brightman in 1987. Equally Important is To Teach People How to Have Faith and How to Build Self-Esteem.

The Society of the Faith Master is a new denomination, A New Thought society

and Ministry teaching its members the FourFold Way (Praises, Gratitude, Spirit Eye and Faith) for building their own unswerving, unrelenting, unstoppable faith and high self-esteem as a discipline through daily skill practice as Faith Students, Faith Athletes, and Faith Teachers.

The Society of the Faith Master is formed as a non profit organization

In order to fulfill this covenant, we are creating a community of Faith Students and Faith Athletes. Having and deploying faith in all circumstances is a skill that requires both knowledge and daily practice. You cannot deploy faith until you know how to develop it. And once you understand what faith is, and develop the concepts, you will have begin daily practicing. In order to use it at any given moment you must practice it until you automatically speak words of faith in the most trying circumstance. As a Faith Student you learn ways of building your own faith until it is unswerving, unrelenting, unstoppable. You learn how to do this through the FourFold Way.


About the FourFold Way

I invite you to become a part of the Society of the Faith Master and learn the FourFold Way.

In the FourFold way you praise everything you have ever experienced in the past. That sounds difficult but what you went through has made you the person that you are.

In the FourFold Way you learn to look around at your wondrous world right now and give thanks for all your blessings. There are so many to focus on. Air, water, electricity running water, a vehicle, a job, people who care about you, places you can visit, so many many things. If you want more good things just give thanks for those you have and through the Gratitude Law of Attraction you can bring in more.

The fact is everything that has ever happened to you can be transformed by looking at it with the Spirit Eye. The Spirit Eye is the eye you use when you have something you want. You visualize and focus on what you want to bring into your life, not what has already happened or what you do not want. I invite you to start today and start thinking of what you want. Every time you start feeling sorry for yourself about something that happened before, that you considered bad, think about the lesson you learned. You won’t go back there again. You won’t see that person again. You won’t indulge in that substance again. Make it into a positive by seeing it as a learning experience.

And finally, build your faith. Your faith is the most powerful thing in your life. The Bible says have faith. But to have faith requires you to learn how. Here in the Society of the Faith Master through the FourFold Way you find that having faith is a skill just like tying your shoes. You learned to tie your shoes by watching someone explain the steps as they tied theirs. Then you practiced, over and over again until you could do it without thinking about it. And that is exactly how you learn to have faith in the Society of the Faith Master. Jesus told us the power of Faith. Napoleon Hill taught us how to use the power of repetition and affirmations to create faith by programming your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is where your faith resides. You will learn these skills in the society.


Because I have gone through a lifetime of oppression and loss, I know the importance of these four things: Praise, Gratitude, Spirit Eye and Faith, the FourFold Way. That is why I am dedicated to creating this society so others can learn how to make their life work in spite of what has happened, is happening and will happen in the future. Faith is your Survival Key on the planet of the Dinosaurs. In our society you will learn how to deploy the FourFold Way to gain your heart’s desire. Welcome to the Society of the Faith Master.

The FourFold Way is designed to be a practical method of building faith and self esteem. It encompasses the following daily practices:

PRAISES - We give praises for everything that has ever happened in our life.

Every day for a week, write or record 5-10 praises for things in your life.

GRATITUDE – We give gratitude for what we have right now.

Every day this week list 5-10 things you have right now that you are
grateful for.

SPIRIT EYE - We know that all the events, persons, places, situations – past, present & future can be transformed to bring us what we are seeking.

Everyday this week list 2-3 positive events that can be transformed into something greater that you are seeking now.

FAITH – Through the Napoleon Hill method we can program and transform our subconscious mind to expect positive results.

Write or copy affirmations that appeal to you. Repeat or write them 5 times,
3 times a day for a week. Memorize one that helps you the most now.

When you become a member of the Society of the Faith Master, you become a Faith Student. Advanced members of the society become Faith Athletes. Those who want to lead in the society become Faith Teachers and Faith Athletes. Those with the strength of mind to travel to dangerous parts of the world to take the words of Faith Master Jesus and establish new churches become Praise Warriors. It will be a life of hardship just as the Apostle Paul faced when the took the words of Jesus to the known world. Only the boldest and bravest need apply here.

There are several levels of membership in the society. Each carries its own set of courses and certifications

Prospective Membership for Praise Warriors (PW)

PW - Disciple of Compassion

PW - Faith Student Members — Beginning FourFold Way Practitioners

(Once they complete all lessons and final evaluation profile, they graduate and become eligible to study to become Society of the Faith Master Faith Student Athlete .)

PW - Faith Student Athlete Members— Advanced FourFold Way Practitioners.

(Once they complete all lessons and final evaluation profile, they graduate and become eligible to study to become Society of the Faith Master Faith Student Teachers .)

PW - Faith Student Teacher Members — FourFold Way Healing Teachers

(Once they complete all lessons and final evaluation profile, they graduate and become eligible to study to become Society of the Faith Master Faith Student Ministers .)

PW - Faith Student Minister Members — FourFold Way Healing Pastors

Once they complete all lessons and final evaluation profile, they graduate and become eligible to study to become Society of the Faith Master Praise Warrior Faith Student Founders.)

PW - Praise Warrior Faith Student Founders

An Elite Group of Those Dedicated To Sharing The Principles and Practices of the society in Our Developing Countries’ Ministries. They will be establishing churches in other countries. You will need to speak Spanish, play soccer, learn martial arts, learn the Bible and speak God's word with conviction and strength. You will undergo a training program simulating the training of a Navy SEAL. You will be expected to be as strong in your conviction as the Apostle Paul. You belong to a special group called the Society of the Praise Warriors and take a special oath.


The Society of the Faith Master (CFM) is a New Thought society and Ministry teaching its members the FourFold Way (Praises, Gratitude, Spirit Eye and Faith) for building their own unswerving, unrelenting, fearless, unstoppable faith and high self-esteem as a discipline through daily skill practice as
Faith Students, Faith Athletes, and Faith Teachers.


The Society of the Faith Master is formed as the spiritual arm of the International Gratitude Empowerment Institute, Inc., a social enterprise corporation. The CFM will teach the skills of faith, gratitude, the FourFold Way, gratitude healing and spiritual Entrepreneurship.


We Seek to Create a Customer Community – To Bond and Link with a community of people we care about, that we serve and that we support in their growth through our products and services.


The Society of the Faith Master is an integral part of our social enterprise corporation, the International Gratitude Empowerment Institute. That means we operate our organization on the for-profit basis as part of IGEI. We offer unique, inspired products and services you can get nowhere else in the world. We offer products and services that provide powerful tools that can change what you believe about yourself and your prosperity. These can enrich your life and the lives of those around you, heal spirits, build self-esteem, enable the personal growth of individuals in a community of people being trained to build the self-esteem of each other. These empowering products and services can enable you to reach your highest possible spiritual level. We operate on a positive energy principle based on mutual advantage:

We enhance your Personal Profit Differential by building your self-esteem as we enhance our Profit Differential by providing positive, inspired and inspiring materials and practices to facilitate and enable your success




We believe that a complete transaction is a two-way transaction. When you share resources with us we will share resources of equal or greater value with you as well. That is why we are a social enterprise corporation, a business. We do not seek donations. We create and pamper customers who purchase our products and services and get value returned. No begging; just offering the most complete line of resources for you to use in changing YOUR life for success through gratitude. Our products and services are designed for YOU: to build YOUR potentiated life, to learn how to make wise choices, to build YOUR self-esteem and others', helping YOU gain happiness through giving, and sharing with YOU our way of learning to build success through gratitude. Gratitude is the Heart's Opening to Joy.



The Society of the Faith Master is the faith-based pathway of the Way of Success through Gratitude of the International Gratitude Empowerment Institute. You potentiate spiritually as you follow in the footsteps of Faith Master Jesus based on Biblical teachings and our spiritual heritage of inspirational writings. We are dedicated to our mandate to fulfill the Success Covenant of 1987 which includes raising mankind to the spiritual level as commanded by God.


This organization is embedded and rooted in the philosophy of and daily practice of the FourFold Way of Praise, Gratitude, seeing with the Spirit Eye and Faith. It is based on building your self-esteem which strengthens your spirit and teaches you how to have and use faith and gratitude, our number one priorities. If our ideals, philosophy and faith-based, self-esteem building society family appeal to you, we invite you to become one with us.


I dedicate The Society of the Faith Master in the name of and honor to Maggie Binns, the person who gave me my faith. My grandmother’s greatest gift to me was her faith.


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The FourFold Way


The Philosophy and Practices of the Society of the Faith Master

The Society of the Faith Master is our optional non-secular gratitude outreach. Gratitude is the Survival Lightkey for us all,  empowerment for all, whether you have a religious belief or do not have any such beliefs. All are acceptable in  the gratitude immersion world we are building, with those who are willing to live their lives with gratitude.

This  society is for those who seek the religious dimension of faith and gratitude. We have a strong dogma or code of belief in the inherent goodness of our species and its future as spiritual beings.  Our society is designed to be a high energy place, a happy place, based on building self-esteem, gratitude,  praise and faith.

Our Goal - Heal Hearts Though Fun and Joy.


The purpose of our worship services and classes is to enhance the quality of life of our members and to help our members develop community, structure, meaning and a superordinate goal. That means helping our members develop faith, building their self-esteem, teaching them how to use the Gratitude Law of Attraction, and giving them the other teachings of the society such as communication skills, entrepreneurial skills and others.


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